So,what is
The Storium Emporium?

Welcome to The Storium Emporium, a brand new publisher of children's illustrated stories and poems. It's home to all the fun characters created by the writer Mr Adams and the illustrator Mr Kemp as part of an on-going collaboration.

Your guide in the Emporium is Professor Barrington Spoke, a rather dapper chap who's travelled the four corners of the world in search of wacky characters and hilarious stories.

On our Characters Page you'll find details about each of our crazy characters - including some coming soon, plus lots of fun extras.

On our Stories Page you'll find details about all of our published stories and where you can read them. All our published stories are available on Amazon Kindle. The Kindle App is free to download and works on nearly any computer, tablet or smartphone.

What have people said about our books?...

“Water great story this is. You just gutter buy this book.”
- Dwaine Pipe

“This wasn't as long as some other books I've read.”
- Warren Peace

“This is the best book you will ever read.”
- Jo King

“We just love reading this to the children at bedtime.”
- Matt Tress

“The story and pictures made me laugh too much.”
- Mona Lott

“Once I started I just couldn't put it down.”
- Paige Turner

“Average story. Average characters. Average pictures. Average rhymes.”
- P. Brain

“Can't review this story, I downloaded the wrong book.”
- Miss T. Ake

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