“Billy's Talent”

Written by Mr Adams
Pictures by Mr Kemp
Published by The Storium Emporium

Billy's Talent Cover

About the story...

Billy Bunsen is the school nerd. He's very clever, but also very lonely. He's desperate to make friends but all the other children just find him boring. So, in an attempt to impress them he decides to do something 'extra special' for the school talent show. Will his plan work, or will he stay 'Billy-no-mates' forever?...

The Talent Contest

Here's an extract...

“At school, young Billy was often called boring,
since he loved all those subjects that left others snoring.
He’d attack every subject with a powerful lunge,
his brain soaking up facts like a thirsty old sponge.”

“Homework he considered an absolute treat,
always hungry for knowledge that he’d read, chew and eat.
He’d have physics for breakfast, mathematics for dinner,
and chemistry for supper was always a winner.”

“Which is why for poor Billy, things didn’t go well,
as most of his class mates loved to make his life hell.
Feeling lonely, like he were the last book on the shelf,
Billy longed to be liked just like everyone else.”

Reviews for “Billy's Talent”...

“Five stars. And a black hole!”
- Billy Bunsen
(before we told him he's not allowed to review his own book)

“This is without doubt the best book I've ever read...”
- Benifred Cale

“...Actually, it's the only book I've ever read.”
- Benifred Cale

The bit for grown-ups...

Fans of Julia Donaldson's 'The Gruffalo', Lynley Dodd's 'Hairy Maclary' and pretty much anything by Dr. Seuss will enjoy this story's rhyming style and cheeky sense of humour.

Age range: Ideal for 5-8 year olds.

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